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MUSKOKA — After a disappointing first kick at the can, Climate Action Muskoka’s (CAM) is buoyed by a new district staff initiative.

CAM says in a release that its “ambitious” climate emergency resolution is headed back to council as part of the district’s New Leaf: Muskoka’s Climate Strategy.

Councillors on Muskoka’s top tier municipal government community and planning services committee (CPSC) gave unanimous support to the proposal Thursday.

“This is a bold climate framework for Muskoka with timelines, goals and broad community input. It acknowledges the important role both the District of Muskoka and the community must play together to address the mounting climate crisis,” Sue McKenzie, co-founder of CAM said in a release after last night’s meeting.

The new report, developed by Kevin Boyle, the district’s climate change initiatives co-ordinator, Christy Doyle, director of environmental and watershed programs, and the Muskoka Corporate Climate Action Plan (MCCAP) steering committee.

Huntsvill councillor Nancy Alcock, MCCAP chair, said staff needs to hold Council’s feet to the fire to ensure the strategy is implemented.

“This isn’t us holding council’s feet to the fire,” countered Boyle.

“This is everybody holding everybody’s feet to the fire. This is a co-ordinated effort that crosses all departments in the district. This is council holding staff’s feet to the fire, community groups holding staff and Council’s feet to the fire. It’s the Watershed Council and Climate Action Muskoka. It’s a unified approach that means we move these actions forward.”

Councillors expressed enthusiasm about the possibility of taking the climate strategy back to their area municipal councils.

“I’m so amazed to see how quickly this morphed from a plan into a strategy,” said councillor Mike Peppard. “I very much look forward to seeing how this can go to the area municipalities and how we can work with this plan instead of reinventing the wheel.”

A New Leaf: Muskoka’s Climate Strategy will come before district council Monday, Dec. for a final vote.

McKenzie hopes “its passing will set Muskoka on the road to dealing with the climate emergency.”

CAM invites citizens, groups and businesses to join its community-wide project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2030. Sign up to take the 50% by 2030 Community Carbon Challenge.

Climate Action Muskoka is an inclusive, non-partisan group of citizens concerned about climate change in Muskoka who believe in working together to inspire individuals, groups, and every level of government to make the dramatic changes needed to meet this historic climate challenge.

NOTE: A provincial survey seeking comment on northern transporation issues closes Nov. 20.

See link here:

Go online Friday, Nov. 20, to voice your transportation intents to the province of Ontario.



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