Message: Gravenhurst must sever Sister city ties with China.

I call upon Gravenhurst Mayor Paul Kelly and councillors to immediately sever ties with its sister/twin cities in China due to the country’s Communist regime part in the coronavirus outbreak.

Sister/twin cities promote cultural and commercial ties after entering into legal or social agreements. Such are the past actions of Gravenhurst council.

Gravenhurst must end the sister-city relationships with Baoding and Zhangjiajie, China.
Gravenhurst is in relations with the totalitarian, communist regime of the People’s Republic of China. This is the exact same communist government that enjoys lying, subterfuge and blatant coverups, by now claiming that the United States of America’s military is responsible for the spread of COVID-19, all the while illegally detaining two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, for over 600 days; since December 2018.

Democratic nations and cities like Gravenhurst must not show solidarity to this regime.

Hopefully this action, as small as it may be, will pave the way to diplomatic isolation of China at the micro level, with long-lasting implications.

Gravenhurst mayor and council must do the right thing: take a democratic leadership stance and denounce the corrupt Chinese communist government.

Please wake up, Gravenhurst. There are many other democratic cities worldwide that Gravenhurst could sister/twin with. Failed communism should never be considered.

Ed Fearon

Ed. note: Mr. Fearon added in a phone call that the statue of Dr. Norman Bethune should also come down because “he was a member of the Communist party. “If they can take down the statue of Canada’s first prime minister, they can do the same for Bethune, who Fearon still respects as a “humanitarian” for his work in China.

Ed Fearon claims China unleashed a “plague” on the world with the coronavirus and that Gravenhurst should cut all ties with the “Communist” country, including Dr. Norman Bethune whose birthplace is a National Historic Site and popular a tourism attraction particularly each fall.