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MUSOKA — With two new Muskoka COVID cases today, we asked MAHC CEO Natalie Bubela last week for an update on how the hospitals are handling testing and treatment of any potential corona-related cases in the second wave.

She said there are currently no positive cases at either of MAHC’s sites in Bracebridge and Huntsville.

Here’s her response to our questions, as of Tuesday, Oct. 13.

“MAHC continues to follow the latest provincial testing guidance at the MAHC Assessment Centre in Bracebridge, which has always operated by-appointment only.”

She said: “Since opening on Aug. 31 up to and including Oct. 9, more than 2,250 COVID tests have been completed.

“The MAHC Assessment Centre in Bracebridge is seeing about a 20% increase in daily visits from an average of 65 visits per day in September to nearly 80 per day so far in October.”

Bubela said: “The hospitals continue to screen everyone at the entrances, in addition to pre-screening outpatients by phone ahead of their appointments.

“Everyone entering the hospitals must wear a hospital-issued mask for the entirety of their visit.

“Both hospitals are operating with full beds like pre-pandemic days. All non-essential services that were reduced in the first wave of the pandemic (such as elective surgery and non-urgent outpatient services like diagnostic imaging) have been restored.”

And “MAHC’s Pandemic Command Team continues to build on lessons learned from the spring’s first wave. All of the hospitals’ pandemic response plans and surge capacity plans remain in place. Both sites have not experienced a spike in COVID-related visits.”

MAHC’s permanent by-appointment-only COVID assessment centre behind the Bracebridge hospital has seen average testing jump to 85 people per day in early October from about 65 daily in September.




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