HUNTSVILLE It was a fast and dangerous holiday for police and drivers in and around Huntsville this weekend with 191 charges — more than two thirds for speeding.

Provincial police report that from Friday July 31 to Monday Aug. 3 Huntsville detachment officers took part in a busy Civic Day Long Weekend Safe Driving Campaign.

Police cruisers were “highly visible,” they say, on roadways to ensure motorists had a safe long weekend.

They say this year’s initiatives focused on the “Big 4”driving behaviours: Speeding, distracted driving, seat belt compliance and impaired driving.

A total of 191 charges were laid. The following charges were laid in relation to the Big 4:

  • Speeding – 139
  • Stunt Driving/Racing- 2
  • Distracted Driving – 1
  • Seat belt charges – 2
  • Impaired Driving- 1

The Huntsville OPP is reminding motorists not to let their guard down about other behaviours they need to demonstrate behind the wheel to ensure everyone travels to and from their destinations safely.

The Huntsville OPP would also like to thank the public for reporting any driving behaviours that put other motorists and their families at risk on our roadways.

Huntsville OPP remains committed to ensuring Ontario roads are safe from alcohol-impaired and drug-impaired drivers. The OPP is reminding drivers that no amount of alcohol or drugs in your system is safe when operating a motor vehicle.

The OPP’s civic holiday weekend campaign led to 139 charges for the Big 4.