GRAVENHURST — It’s sill a waiting game.

As Stage 3 openings continue, many barriers to active living are slowly returning to new norms.

Fences are down on some public facilities and a few remain.

Like the splash pad in Gravenhurst, where with swim advisories at beaches sun-drenched kids eager to cool off love running through sprinklers and playing in the cascades of showering and sprinkling water.

It’s fun — but what would make a day at the Muskoka Wharf even more enjoyable would be climbing the ship and going down the slide.

It is fenced off.

But it may open — possibly as early as this Friday.

All fingers crossed.

Town spokesperson Jason Harnett said he’s waiting confirmation on the exact date.

Meanwhile, parks worker Chris Tryon was wiping down the finicky red touch pole that starts the eruption and flow of water the other day.

He said the chlorine in the water keeps it sanitized.

With town beaches open and closed under swim advisories and summer at it’s peak, families are hoping they can play safe sooner than later.

Parks worker Chris Tryon santizes the finicky touch pole that starts the water flowing at the splash pad.
It’s a waiting game as kids ponder pirating the fenced off ship at the splash pad.