GRAVENHURST — A new garden marking the original Muskoka Wharf will be dedicated this afternoon.

Town officials will be on hand to help the owners of affectionately known “Tin Boathouses” on Lake Muskoka officially open the Ditchburn Bay Historical Garden Tuesday, July 28.

The owners are celebrating their 15th year as an association and have erected a sign and photo commemorating the site where trains used to veer off the main street on a spur line and meet with Muskoka Steamships that took passengers and livestock up the lakes to farther ports and islands for summer retreats more than a century ago.

The ribbon-cutting takes place at 2 p.m. at 224 Wharf Road, next to the Marriot Hotel.

The Ditchburn Bay Historical Garden will be dedicated Tuesday July 28 at 2 p.m. in Gravenhurst.
An old photo of the ‘Original Muskoka Wharf’ tells the pioneering story of the coming together of trains and ships.
The ‘Original Wharf’ affectionately known as the ‘Tin Boathouses’ remains a vital part of the Lake Muskoka waterfront in Gravenhurst.