HUNTSVILLE Walk this way — only.

To help pedestrians avoid bumping into each other in Huntsville, downtown sidewalks have been painted with arrows pointing one-way.

In a bid to try and ensure social distancing, arrows have been painted on Main Street from Lorne Street at the west end on top of the hill down through the core shopping district to the river bridge.

Pedestrians are asked to follow the yellow arrows by keeping to the left or right side of the street when walking or shopping.

If you are headed west (up the hill) use the south side of sidewalk — and if you’re headed east use the north side.

A release from them says directions are encouraged as a best practice, but won’t be enforced by town bylaw officers.

Of course, they advise everyone to try and keep the two-meter physical distance when out in public and to wash hands frequently.

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Huntsville is urging pedestrians and shoppers to walk just one direction on each side of Main Street to maintain social distancing. In this April photo the dog walker would be on the other side of the road. (File photo)