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MUSKOKA — The cheque is in the mail — and the mail is being delivered as an essential national service.

That’s more important today, especially with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promising yesterday that the new million who are now expecting EI cheques that they are on their way.

Of course, along with all other government aid cheques — if you don’t already have direct deposit.

But be careful if you’re going out to your local mail box or the post office.

Canada Post is warning everyone to stay home or stay away if you think you have symptoms of the coronavirus.

Arrange to have someone else pick up your mail at public facilities, they say.

And they’re making sure you get the message with bright yellow caution tape on the front doors of post offices issuing the warnings.

  • Meanwhile, with more people staying home — it’s now the law for snowbirds — anyone daring to venture out in public for exercise are warned to ignore one another.

Exercising does not mean socializing.

Do that on social media, by text, phone or email or good old mail — wouldn’t it be comforting to get a letter?

Young Canadians — their heads in their hands — are ahead of the curve on this one.

  • Too bad Trudeau isn’t on the same page.

For all his talk about helping business — and thanking Canada’s media for their important role in informing Canadians and combating COVID misinformation — he isn’t putting his money where his mouth is.

A $30 million public service announcement (PSA) campaign meant to help the struggling media will see most of the money going to Google and Facebook (despite Trudeau’s contrarian defence), at the expense of frontline reporters, editors and online community news organizations like MuskokaTODAY.com.

Liberals have being saying since last year’s election that they respect and support online news.

We can’t do fulfill our fourth estate role if we’re not in business.

We need their help and the help of readers.

We’re here for you in these times.

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