GRAVENHURST — Now’s that’s fresh.

An hour after its first delivery, the new meat counter at Tiger was full.

On the shelf and within minutes the first sale had gone through the cashier.

The new “full-service” grocer opened at 8 a.m. yesterday with a packed four-foot cooler full of beef, chicken and chops.

Much of it at in-house sales promotion for the opening, Wednesday.

Store supervisor Steve Bell said a GT company sales rep was on hand at 7 a.m. for the first shipment and to help staff load up the counter and stock up the cooler right behind it.

And when the store doors opened at 8 a.m. the neat meat wrack was brimming.

It’s part of the company’s transition to full-service grocer, in response to local and summer demand, franchise owner Jeff Zatorski told MuskokaTODAY.com last week.

GT’s next flyer will promote the new offering.

A new produce cooler has also been added, in addition to the existing dairy, deli and cold meat it sells.

Giant Tiger store supervisor Steve Bell gives the new meat sales centre the thumbs up Wednesday morning, just after it’s opening.
In addition to the adjacent meat counter was a new produce cooler stocked and ready to go Feb. 12.
GT is now a full-service grocer with the meat counter, offering a wide variety of fresh, frozen and packaged food products.