MINDEN HILLS — Provincial police and the new Provincial Animal Welfare Serivces are investigating alleged ill treatment and poor living conditions of 14 hunting dogs here.

Police and animal welfare inspectors are investigating an alleged Jan. 22 report of animal abuse involving 14 hunting dogs in Minden Hills.

They say that on January 22 officers from the Haliburton Highlands OPP detachment were called to an address on County Road 121 in the Township of Minden Hills to investigate potential incidents of animal cruelty.

The allegation involves the ill treatment and poor living conditions for 14 hunting dogs on the property, police say.

OPP investigators have engaged animal welfare inspectors appointed by Provincial Animal Welfare Services, who are currently working directly with the family to improve the health and well-being of animals at the residence.

The OPP’s provincial liaison team has also been called in to act as the go-between with community members who are advocating for the animals.