GRAVENHURST — Fatalities involving swimmers who were outside designated swimming areas marked by buoy lines, have civic officials on the alert advising beachgoers to beware of the floaing blue and white rope markers.

And that means everyone being aware and paying attention to the safety measures.

So, with fall right around the corner, Gravenhurst’s park staff are preparing for the changing season and sharing this friendly reminder to residents and visitors.

They are beginning their fall maintenance program, which includes removing swim buoy lines from its beaches.

Gravenhurst has six beaches that have designated swim areas delineated by a series of buoys:

  • Franklin Beach
  • Lorne Street Beach
  • Muskoka Beach
  • Muskoka Bay Park
  • Gull Lake Rotary Park
  • Bass Lake Park

The lines provide a dual purpose: to provide a clear delineation for a safe zone for swimmers; as well as provide a separation between a designated swim area and watercraft.

Residents and visitors are advised to exercise caution should they choose to continue to use the town’s beaches once the swim delineators have been removed.

Other swim safety equipment, including the reaching poles and life rings will also be removed from the beach area for the season.

Safety signage reminding everyone to use beach at own risk will remain in place.

The parks division thanks the public for their cooperation.

Beach safety buoy lines like these at Muskoka Bay Park in West Grvenhurst are beingremoved for the season, so late season swimmers are urged to exercise extreeme caution at all Gravenhurst beaches.