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GRAVENHURST/BRACEBRIDGE — The great federal debates — if you can call speeches and a Q & A that — continue this week in a desperate bid to find a decent rep to send up the Ottawa River.

The first is in Gravenhurst Tuesday night, at the Opera House, and is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

7 p.m. start.

The next opportunity to see your favourites fight it out is Wednesday, Oct. 2, at the Dwight Community Centre, at 6:30 p.m., sponsored by the Lake of Bay’s/Huntsville Chamber of Commerce.

Then on Thursday, in Bracebridge, at the Sportsplex, this time at 7 p.m.

Join them if you want hear what the party talking points are that day.

And if you want get a feel for how the locals handle themselves at home on the Parry Sound-Muskoka stage and how they might represent you on the Hill, drop in.

You’ll be surprised at how well-versed and passionate they are on subject of matter and not.

It’s pretty predictable, but everyone will be watching for a slip up.

Candidates will be flooded with burning questions.

The environment is certain to be a hot topic (oops, sorry), but jobs, housing and who knows what else will be on the minds of the voters and candidates.

Get there early for a seat close to the front, if you can’t hear.

If you’ve heard a lot of this the past two weeks, standing at the back will allow you to slip out once you’ve made your mind up.

Or if you fall off your seat asleep.


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Kids say the darnedest things. ‘You will die of old age. I will die of climate change.’ Candidates can expect to be flooded with burning questions. (Gord Miller tweet)

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