Mark Clairmont |

MUSKOKA — Streets and sidewalks were bustling this morning on the first day of school, the end of summer and beginning of a fall term of school.

For most it was getting back to the routine of going to bed early, a good breakfast then back to classes as usual.

But for many it was Day 1. That exciting time that is filled with emotions, trepidation and excitement.

It was a beautiful morning for a walk for many children — hand-in-hand — with mom or dad or both.

Some even got to walk with their dog.

The sun was shining and everyone was giddy with excitement and anticipation as they all arrived on time with some new clothes, packed back-packs and even a toy.

Lots of big smiles for the cameras as parents snapped one more photo — to go along with a summer’s worth of picturesque memories on the cellphone.

Friends meeting friends, chattering hurriedly in over-excited tones about what they did — or a least what they can remember in all the excitement of the moment.

Inside the school, principals, teachers, educational assistants and facility support workers were waiting with warm welcomes and fun on the first day of school.

It was all part of a buzz that lasted all day; from finding a new classroom and teacher, to  where to hang your coat and bag, to where you’ll sit and with whom the next 10 months.

It looked like it’s going to be a fun and rewarding year of learning, exploring and growing.

The Trillium school board sent out cards in advance to help families stay in touch with the school board.