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HUNTSVILLE With the election official today and 40 days to go, candidates are teeing up their campaigns in what will be divisive national battle.

But in the spirit of good sportsmanship, the Consveratives’ Scott Aitchison has invited the other candidates to dinner tomorrow after Thursday’s annual Huntsville Mayor’s Golf Tournament.

Though he is on leave from his job as head of the town’s council, he will still host the event.

And he looks forward to meeting the other candidates, he said Monday as he cut the ribbon on his new campaign office at the old train station in Huntsville.

He said he knows Liberal Trisha Cowie “pretty well” and recently spoke to the Greens’ Gord Miller and Aitchison said “I haven’t met them and we can all be good sports about this. We don’t have to be nasty to each other”

Yet, while he will be cordial and share barbecue, he doesn’t share the same political beliefs as his rivals.

He says the Liberals’ “constant debt and deficit financing threatens the programs we as Canadians enjoy.”

And that while “the Green Party platform has some positive elements to it, I don’t think it’s a comprehensive plan. I think their focus would actually do some significant damage to our economy. There’s got to be a balanced approach that I don’t think they have.”

Aitchison, who says he had yet to meet his leader Andrew Scheer — whom he calls “an honourable man” — is looking forward to some rallies with him soon, and says Canadians are “concerned about a number of different things.”

“I think Canadians can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

“The environment is one of them, affordability of life is another, and jobs are still an issue, quality jobs.”

He says there are a lot of people working two and three jobs, for whom he says “the carbon tax will make life a lot more difficult for.”

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Conservative candidate Scott Aitchison cut another ribbon Monday, this time at the old train station in Huntsville that is serving as his campaign office the next 40 days.

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