Mark Clairmont |

GRAVENHURST — Abby Liang is a piano prodigy on the verge of becoming a wunderkind.

At age nine, she plays at the level of an expert adult performer.

And she is the third in the series of noon performances Wednesday Aug. 14 at Trinity United Church, in Gravenhurst.

And her tutor and mentor Dan McCoy, who discovered her and brought her to grand piano at the church where he is the minister of music and director of the August Organ recitals, couldn’t be more thrilled.

He’s been touting her for weeks.

The Chinese-born student, in Grade 4 at Gravenhurt Public School, is the second incredible Muskoka pianist in the series.

Kyung-A Lee, an already established South Korean artist living in Port Sydney, opened the series.

So, Liang is certain to draw a lot of interest from the series’ large following.

And a very enjoyable 45 minutes of music — and entertainment.

She will also play organ and harpsichord.

Admission to the concert is free-will.