GRAVENHURST — Another swim advisory has been issued for a second beach in Gravenhurst.

And it is the third one this week in Muskoka.

Based on beach water samples collected by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit on Tuesday July 2, it has been recommended by the SMDHU that Muskoka Bay Park Beach, in West Gravenhurst, be posted with swim advisory signs.

Already this week, the same advisory has gone out from the health unit and town for Muskoka Beach.

Both are on Lake Muskoka.

As well, the main public beach in Port Sydney has also been slapped with a similar warning. It is on Mary Lake.

During a swimming advisory, the beach is posted with warning signs that the most recent water samples showed bacteria in numbers that may increase your risk of developing minor skin, eye, ear, nose or throat infections or stomach illness. If you choose to swim during a swimming advisory avoid dunking your head or swallowing the water.

For additional information on beach water testing, please visit the SMDHU website www.simcoemuskokahealth.org/Topics/SafeWater/BeachWater/BeachPostings

The Town will continue to communicate with the public as new updates become available.

And watch MuskokaTODAY.com for all Muskoka swim updates.