Mark Clairmont |

GRAVENHURST — Lisa MacLeod has landed in hot water again.

It appears she may not be able keep her stick on the ice.

And could this be a scoring opportunity for MPP Norm Miller to make cabinet as tourism minister if she heads to the penalty box?

After her faux pas at the first Porter landing in Gravenhurst last week, in which she quipped about moving in cabinet from the “minister of tears” to the “minister of cheers,” MacLeod is now accused of a profane outburst at Stones concert at Burl’s Creek Saturday night with the owner of the Ottawa Senators.

The tourism and culture minister is accused of shouting and swearing at Eugene Melnyk and accusing him of not knowing who he was talking to.

MacLeod said Friday she apologized to Melnyk, and a spokesperson said her tears weren’t sarcasm about the parents of autistic kids who have struggled and complained about her funding treatment for them; but they were sincere her tears for their plight.

At the airport MacLeod praised Miller for helping land Porter at Muskoka Airport in Gravenhurst.

Could that praise come back to haunt her?

The game’s not over for this minister.

It may be strike two for Premier Doug Ford, to mix sports metaphors.

Lisa MacLeod, centre, praised MPP Norm Miller, right, during airport ceremonies. Could she live to regret singing his praises?