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BALA — Silent no more — Spotlight on Muskoka Lakes 2019 is piling up with auction items for next week’s annual season kick-off at The Kee to Bala.

And you’ve just got to get your tickets (only $25) for the first big social event of the season.

“It’s a chance for business owners to celebrate, network, showcase themselves — and let off a little steam for the busiest season’s of the year,” says Norah Fountain, the Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce’s executive director.

She’s the mighty, driving force and head of the creative team of talented business leaders at the chamber putting on the Thursday night popular extravaganza.

Spotlight 2019 offers the public a chance to share what and who’s new this summer.

And to bask in the continued good fortunes and successes of the dozens of businesses and merchants in a fun and interactive way in the west Muskoka world of commerce.

Elisabeth Boyle, left, Katelyn Broad and Norah Fountain are busy and excited preparing for next week’s June 20 Spotlight 2019 on Muskoka Lakes, which is a highlight of the early social season in Muskoka. It’s at the Kee to Bala Thursday starting at 6 p.m.

A visit to the busy Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce in Bala today found staff busily assembling donations for the silent auction, which is a big part of the night offering a further glimpse into the behind the scenes workings of the amazing artisans and entrepreneurs in this great community.

Fountain and Katelyn Broad, the chamber’s events and community co-ordinator, and tourism ambassador Elisabeth Boyle are surrounded on tables and on shelves and the crowded office floor with dozens of generous donations by the many business supporters of this unique event.

How about a gorgeous dark maple wood tabletop for your bathtub. It gives you a place to put your books and glass of wine so they don’t get wet from the bubbles. It also has a cool  little teak streak accent on the right side you’ll love.

How about a pair of Saxxy boxer shorts, exploding with fireworks.

A Muskoka sweatshirt that’s a must for every Muskokan.

What’s your bid for A Google Smart Speaker and Home Assistant?

Or are you interested in a weekend retreat at Sherwood Inn?

Items range from a Tilley Hat to beautiful cottage décor pieces, golf foursomes, dining and spa certificates and a flight over Muskoka.

Experience a taste of what it’ll be like here this summer.

The popular gala features a marché of delights for foodies from local restaurants and food producers.

There’ll be a ton of food to sample and wine and beer to complement all palate, pleasure-seeking cottage connoisseurs.

New this year will be Field of Greens owner Dave Kitchen, to launch his new Muskoka Boil and Cotsu seafood and sushi businesses in downtown Port Carling.

Another great little item is a wheelbarrow full of wine, donated by chamber board members.

Other items range from a Tilley Hat to beautiful cottage décor pieces, golf foursomes, dining and spa certificates and a flight over Muskoka.

And for your listening pleasure Beverly Mahood will be on stage performing and MCing.

She will be welcoming guests like Leah Daniels, an Ontario Country Music Artist of the Year, along with John Anderson, Al Rowe and Max Shepherd. And they’ll be paying tribute to bands who’ve played the Kee in years gone by, including the famous Dunn’s big bands.

It’s going to be a fun night, you’ll remember into 2020. Just ask anyone who was at Spotlight 2018.

For tickets, call the chamber at 705-762-5663 or visit their website at

Or go directly to the Spotlight 2019 link at:

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