KINGSTON — A review of flood management in Ontario should begin with the premier “undoing the damage his government has done to the environment by cutting flood management programs.”

NDP MPP Ian Arthur said in a release Friday from Kingston that “Doug Ford has cut funding to flood management programs by half, and forced Conservation Authorities to do more with so much less in the years to come.

Arthur, the Official Opposition NDP Environment and Sustainability critic, accused the premier of cancelling a program to plant 50 million trees, a proven tactic to control soil erosion and reduce flooding.

“The Ford Conservatives set Ontario back decades in the fight against climate change by cancelling a cap-and-trade market program, eliminating energy conservation programs, and spending tens of millions of dollars to go to battle against environmental protection strategies. “It’s time for Ford to get serious about the impacts of climate change, and support Andrea Horwath’s motion to declare a climate emergency in Ontario.”

The NDP blame flood damage in Muskoka on flood management program cuts by the Ford government.