Gravenhurst Coldest Night of the Year walk raises almost $45,000

Mark Clairmont |

GRAVENHURST — The temperature was above zero tonight.

That was probably because of all the love and warmth in town.

So much that it would melt your heart

And while it may not have been the coldest night of the year — officially it was.

More than 200 people — maybe even close to 300 — turned out to walk, run, fundraise and otherwise support GAP — Gravenhurst Against Poverty.

The Coldest Night of the Year was a huge success.

Team Dominator – all with cool tuques – was among more than two dozen teams marching for a good cause.

And while organizers knew going into it that they had more than doubled their $20,000 goal ($43,000+), at the registration desk as the trekkers were returning to the Terry Fox Auditorium, an enthusiastic Genevie Segueira predicted they would top $45,000.

Teams from all over town took in the 2, 5 and 10K walks back and forth from the arena to the post office, Canadian Tire Gas Bar, or Hortons (which took two return trips).

Many wore the distinctive blue and white CNOY tuques.

Back the Centennial Centre, where a couple hundred gathered for the kickoff just after 5 p.m., there was plenty of donated fast food and good cheer among all.

Everyone, it seemed ate up this fundraiser aimed at helping locally impoverished Gravenhurstonians.

A lot of the money will go toward the GAP’s weekly lunches, Tuesdays at the United Church, as well as other to be determined projects to help those most in need.

If you’d like to donate, contact the GAP.

Doctors Dave Hillyard, left, and Arden Todd wave the flag after returning from “white hat” duty along the parade route.
A sheepish Father Joe Moran enjoys a hearty, deserving helping of carbohydrates after the walk.
It was a photo start and finish as team members posed for photo-ops and selfies.
Gravenhurst Against Poverty puts on Tuesday lunches at the United Church, among other new projects for the poor.
Gravenhurst firefighters Diane Rubinato, left, and Jackie McFarland led the “Flame Tamers’ team, completing 10 kms.
Liz Albrecht, left, and Genevie Segueira staff the registration deck at the Terry Fox Auditorium where they sold the distinctive tuques.
Team Ryde celebrate their successful walk with a team photo.
Gravenhurst firefighters handed out hot chocolate and Timbits to the walkers along the route at the post office.