Clock ticking for Lotto 6/49 winner to pick up $100,000 by tomorrow

BRACEBRIDGE — Worried about the weather out there today?

Look around, you may have misplaced a $100,000 lottery ticket sold in Bracebridge last Feb. 14. You have till tomorrow to collect it, or it will be part of more than $25 million uncollected in the $2017-18 OLG fiscal year.

Think if you’re sitting on $100,000 and you have to collect it by Valentine’s Day.

The clock is ticking; and if you’re down to the final 24 hours, that’s $4,167 an hour to collect it.

So, if you’re heading to Toronto today to collect your year-old lotto win, you’d better act fast.

Get out the shovel and head south now, because you may not make it on time for 5 p.m. Feb. 14.

Then again, you can probably afford to pay a friend to drive or hire a taxi, limo — or even buy yourself a new pickup with a plow on it.

A winning ticket worth a hundred grand was bought in Bracebridge Feb. 14, 2018 and never claimed.

According to Toni Bitonti, senior media relations manager for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming corporation: “While most winners claim their prizes right away, each year a small percentage of all lottery prizes are not claimed.

“In our fiscal 2017-18, unclaimed prize value was approximately 1.2% of total prize money available.

“That means OLG unclaimed prizes were approximately $25.7 million from a total of $2.1 billion in prize money available.”

He says most unclaimed prizes are for small amounts such as a few dollars, and people have likely forgotten to claim their prize.

He said: “It’s rare for major prizes ($10,000 or more) to not be claimed.

“Saying that, the LOTTO 6/49 $100,000 prize from the Feb 14, 2018 draw has yet to be claimed.

“As we mentioned in our news release from last week, the ticket holder(s) has until Feb 14, 2019 to come forward to claim the prize.”