Sledders forewarned ‘no ice is 100% safe’ in December

ORILLIA — All this snow can be enticing and deceptive at the same time, warns emergency responders who often get called out early this time of year to rescue eager beavers who rush the sledding season.

With a significant amount of snow late this week, the Central Region OPP remind riders to take extra care during this portion of the “pre-snowmobile” season.

Trails under the care of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) are currently not open.

Volunteers have not had the opportunity to clear trails, groom or assess snow conditions. Police urge everyone to remember riding on closed OFSC trails may cause damage to the property or cause landowners to revoke consent closing trails for everyone.

Riders who choose to ride on closed OFSC trails may be charged.

Visit for updated trail conditions.

Snowmobilers who choose to intentionally skip open water cause unnecessary risk to themselves and to first responders attempting a rescue or recovery.

As ever, police say: “No ice is ever 100 per cent safe and everyone should remain off the ice that has started to form on our waterways.”