Kids and cops score 350 items for Manna Food Bank

BRACEBRIDGE — While grocers and big box stores have had cop cars parked out front this month for annual “Fill a Cruiser” Christmas charity collections, a fun event featuring Cops and Kids raised more than $100 and a “whopping 350 items donated” for a local food bank.

Members of the Bracebridge detachment of the OPP were challenged by local youth at Bracebridge Public School to the ultimate test of athletic prowess — indoor ball hockey- in the name of charity.

The showdown took place around noon on Wednesday Dec. 19 at the Bracebridge Public School.

The energy in the air was palpable as the players prepared for battle. As the countdown to faceoff neared, donations to the Manna food bank grew, and grew.

And when it was “Game on!” both teams played hard for the win, laughter and sweat poured from the athletes as the scrimmage ensued.

The competition was fierce as the two teams battled to a draw. When the dust settled on the battlefield, the final score was 11 -11.

The real victor being the Manna food bank, with a whopping 350 items donated in addition to over $100 being raised.

An excellent show of sportsmanship and community service by all.

What teams. What a great cause. And what a good time was had by the BPS kids and OPP officers.
A police lineup of officers from the Bracebridge OPP detachment pose for mug shuts.
On the floor or on the sidelines everyone had a good time for a good cause.
It was end-to-end action at the Bracebridge Public School Dec. 19 for the Manna Food Bank.
When it was over and the score was tied 11-11 the cops and kids shook hands on a job well done.