Inspired Luckett to lead Greens as PSM president

PSM Green Party members at their Nov. 17 AGM were encouraged by the election of their leader Mike Schreiner as a Guelph MPP.

PORT SYDNEY Ontario Greens still high on the election of their leader to the legislature are hoping their first MPP is a stepping stone to political good for them and the prvovince.

When Mike Schreiner took a seat in Guelph, his breakthrough inspired local Greens in Parry Sound-Muskoka.

Local candidate Matt Richter was second among Green Party candidates in the province.

That success was duly noted Nov. Nov. 17 when Arleigh Luckett was elected president of the Parry Sound-Muskoka Green Party of Ontario Constituency Association (CA), at their annual general meeting and appreciation day at the Pine Inn Lodge in Port Sydney.

While the event was an opportunity to show appreciation to volunteers, donors and supporters, the 46 in attendance  also recognized the contributions of outgoing CA president Stan Hunter and CFO Derek Berkhout, who are stepping aside after many years of service.

In her comments, in a news release, Luckett celebrated the successes of the recent campaign.

She noted that since the election of Doug Ford as preemie, interest in the CA’s Facebook page has remained high. More people have joined the Greens in the riding, and additional volunteers have come forward to serve on the executive.

Luckett considers these signs of growing support for Green Party policies and concern about the actions of the Ford government in it’s first few months.

In his remarks, Richter  emphasized the campaign had been a team effort. He spoke of the impact of having the first Green MPP and the work Mike Schreiner is doing to give a face to not only the environmental benefits but also the economic rewards of a cleaner greener Ontario.

Richter said he wanted supporters to know that all their hard work was worth it, and though he had not won again this time, the campaign here was noticed elsewhere in the province as having contributed to the success of the campaign in Guelph.

In focus groups participants discussed the urgency of continuing to advocate for clean energy, a greener economy and social responsibility. They brainstormed ideas for reaching out to the community with information, inspiring and facilitating younger people to become actively involved and working to mitigate climate change starting in our own communities.

Judging by the energy and enthusiams at this AGM, you will be hearing more from our local Greens, says the release.

The PSM GPO Constituency Association Executive Committee meets monthly.  Meetings  are open to all  current Green Party of Ontario members resident in the riding. If interested contact PSM GPO at or call Luckett at 705-687-3597.