GHS Students of Month cleaned veterans’ graves

Kiara Collins, left, Will Morris-Burke, Dalton Mackenzie and Cole Robillard.

Barb McCabe | Gravenhurst Rotary PR

GRAVENHURST — The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst is proud to recognize Students of the Month throughout the year.

This week four such students attended our lunch meeting and were honoured with gift certificates.

Kiara Collins was selected by her teachers as student for month for September in recognition of the hard work involved in balancing a full school course load and a job as a manager at McDonalds.  In addition she takes a dual credit course and tutors multiple students.  She works very hard to keep all of her commitments and is very well organized.  Kiara is a natural leader in the classroom and demonstrates an excellent work ethic and dedication to everything she is involved with.

Dalton Mackenzie was selected for October.  Dalton is such a friendly young man who always says hello in the hallway and always is asking how others are doing.  He is such a hard-working student who always comes in for help when needed.  He makes the class a fun and welcoming environment for all every single day.  Dalton is such a joy to have in class and always puts smiles on the faces of everyone around him.

And November’s Student of the month was bestowed on the entire class of Mr. Barzs’ history class. This class twice attended the Veterans’ plot at the Mickle cemetery to plan and clean  graves for Remembrance Day.

Once they had completed safety training the entire class worked in a diligent and respectful manner.  For nearly 2.5 hours the class work tirelessly as they raked, shovelled, hauled leaves and brush and washed gravesites — all in heavy rain.

Their positive energy and focus the entire time was absolutely amazing to see said their teacher.

Their efforts were recognized and appreciated by the town and many residents who had relatives in the cemetery.

(As an aside, our Rotary Club was pleased to be involved in a small way, with funds allocated  to  purchase steel-toed boots that were necessary for this project; just a very small addition to this wonderful initiative.)

The two students selected to represent the entire class are Will Morris-Burke and Cole Robillard.