GHS hospitality students get new all-pro kitchen

GRAVENHURST — Complements to the chefs.

Hospitality students will be able to learn on the best equipment.

That’s the compliment du jour for hospitality students at GHS.

This summer the Gravenhurst High School program received an upgrade.

As in ‘A’ new kitchen for an F-ing old saucepan and sink.

And at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3, they take the plastic wrap off the stainless steel for a public viewing.

The GHS kitchen facilities have been updated to include commercial industry standard gas equipment.

This is a huge complement to their program and will have lasting effects on students for years to come, says the school board.

GHS staff are now able to give students real world authentic learning opportunities.

Training and teaching with proper tools and equipment provides the ability to better prepare students both for post secondary and workplace culinary careers.  This will benefit not only to GHS hospitality students, but also students enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Major program.

Going from a home economics style facility to a professional kitchen will provide opportunities for Gravenhurst students to learn skills that are in high demand in Muskoka.