Miller clear winner, leading with 10,000 votes

Mark Clairmont |

BRACEBRIDGE — As the clocks ticked 9 p.m. tonight it was like Cinderella at midnight.

Norm Miller smiles as early results show him leading large, as Mike Billinghurst, left, and Miller’s son Stuart watch the results on TV at Kirrie Glen election night Thursday.

There was a rush to the bar as if last call was about to sound.

All eyes were on the big screen TV, behind the plates of sandwiches and drinks.

The anticipation was palpable as everyone at Kirrie Glen looked for immediate results and gratification of the election.

And as faces of candidates popped up with predictions and word that there would be at least a temporary technical delay, there were less than audible subtle groans.

But when the TV camers panned to the Doug Ford campaign party in Toronto, with the PC Leader predicted to form a majority of more than 70 seats the cheers in Bracebridge were as loud pro-rated as almost 200 kilomtres away.

MP Norm Miller was surrounded by more than 45 well-wishers.

Mike Billinghurst asked him: “So, Norm, I guess you’re going to be in cabinet.”

“Not necessarily,” the longterm member of Provincial Parliament said, while turning a shade of red Kathleen Wynne would have been proud to wear.

When someone shouted “Norm’s in the lead,” there was the first round of applause.

The time – 9:34 p.m.

And when they added “Norm has 10,000 and the Greens and NDP have 4,500,” someone shouted: “Can you repeat that, I didn’t hear it.”

The crowd laughed and sighed.

And the bartender got to work topping the drinks.