LETTER: Unwanted sidewalks forced by split council

The Town of Gravenhurst is forcing Freed Developments to complete planned sidewalks, even though residents oppose them, says letter writer Bert Mumby.


Re: Muskoka Bay housing development.

What does our vote mean in Gravenhurst next November?

Not much.

After 13 years, a West Gravenhurst subdivision with 32 homes is finally being forced by the town to complete its site plan, although we have paid taxes since Day 1.

Oh, not so fast.

The developer needs to make significant corrections to the roads, drainage and curbs, which were, I assume, originally approved construction.


I wish the story ended here, but for every resident, it does not.

It seems sidewalks were in the original plans. They were not installed as the homes were being built.

This is unusual today, in that other development in the town had sidewalks put in at the time the homes were constructed.

Now the town is tearing up 13 years of gardens, put in by the owners, at the recommendation of town staff.

While 100 per cent of the residents wanted sidewalks removed from the plan, this spring the council voted to force subdivision owner Peter Freed to finish the site plan work by building them.

The council, by a recorded vote of five to four, sided with town staff’s recommendation.

A walk through our community would definitely show you why thee is no good reason to rip up the landscaping for want of sidewalks.

Town staff said in a meeting this spring that the sidewalks will be built on the town’s road allowance land.

It’s about time Mr. Freed and Muskoka Bay Developments completed this subdivision.

There are still vacant, unkempt lots — I suppose there wasn’t a completion date required for the number of lots allowed, which certainly surprises this writer.

While casting your vote this November, let’s hope we elect a council that will listen to the will of the people.

Bert Mumby, 20 Westwind Court

Ed. note: The developers had 20 days to appeal the town’s decision. An email to the town has not yet confirmed whether that happened.