11,000 powerless after Muskoka thunderstorm

MUSKOKA — South to north, Muskoka was hit with a huge rolling storm Wednesday afternoon before 2 p.m.

A large swath of Gravenhurst is without power after the thunderstorm whipped up winds and rain that knocked out hydro to some 5,000 homes and businesses, according to Veridian, one of two service providers in the Muskoka Gateway town.

Another 1,200 locations are without power according to Hydro One, one of two power providers in the Heart of Muskoka town.

And 4,700 places in Huntsville to Burk’s Falls were also powerless, as a result.

The sun came out after in most locations, as customers looked for damage and hydro workers were kept busy restoring power widely.

Most of Muskoka was hit with a thunderstorm Wednesday that left 11,000 homes and businesses without hydro.