Rotary Paul Harris recipients join club for lunch

Barb McCabe Rotary PR

GRAVENHURST — Gravenhurst has some extraordinary people who make the Muskoka’s first town great community it is.

Each year the Rotary Club honours some of them who make their home what it is — whether it be through their volunteer work or some recognition they may have received that sheds a positive light on the rest of us.

They come from all walks of life.

“It is certainly a pleasure and an honour to recognize those individuals in our town of Gravenhurst on whom we have bestowed our highest award, The Paul Harris Award,” said Rotarian PR person Barb McCabe Monday at the Muskoka Discovery Centre at the Muskoka Wharf.

“At our meeting this week many of those award winners joined us for lunch and our regular weekly meeting.

“We are very fortunate to have so many folks who believe in ‘Service Above Self’ and are willing to give back to our community as it has given so much to us already.

Each spring as many as can make it join the 60 club members for a thank-you lunch.

Some are past Rotarians.

On hand for the 2018 recognition were: Dr. Ardyn Todd, Penny Varney,        Hank Smith, John Ayling, Marion and Cyril Fry, Bob O’Brien, Brian O’Hallaran, Christina Hunter, Pat Brownlee, Gerry and Betty Flaherty, Audrey Brown, Denise Cooper, Dorothy Reynolds, Olive Schell, Lynda Ferguson, Linda Harrison, Fred Schulz, Annette Gillan and Bernene Jones.

What a team. Paul Harris recipients pose for a photo after lunch Monday. (Barb McCabe photo)