Lions Clubs to help fight diabetes

OAK BROOK, Illinois — Lions Club members famous for the CNIB support have a new cause today.

Lions look to tame diabetes the way they work with sight challenges.
On Saturday, March 24, Lions Clubs International (LCI) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), on the occasion of Lions Day at the UN, to establish a cooperative alliance in the global fight against diabetes.
The two organizations will come together to help prevent diabetes and improve the quality of life for those living with diabetes worldwide.
Diabetes affects 425 million adults worldwide, with the total set to reach 629 million by 2045.1 An estimated 90% are affected by type 2 diabetes, which is largely preventable. One in two people with diabetes has not yet been diagnosed and their diabetes is not controlled. When diabetes is uncontrolled, it can have dire consequences for health and well-being and result in a number of serious complications that impact harshly on the finances of individuals, their families, and the economies of nations. People with diabetes who depend on life-saving insulin and regular monitoring to manage their condition pay the ultimate price when they cannot access affordable medication and equipment.
The IDF has a great new partner in its fight against the disease.
The signing of the MOU solidifies a partnership that will operate at the national, regional and global level. The two organizations agree to cooperate in good faith to achieve common goals:
Prevent diabetes and improve the quality of life for those diagnosed
Raise diabetes awareness and provide education where it is needed
Develop of holistic diabetes-service projects to improve care
Elevate the issue of diabetes onto the national and global political agenda
Increase access to diabetes care, medication, and diagnostic equipment
According to LCI president, Mr. Naresh Aggarwal, “Lions are uniquely qualified to take on the challenge and growing epidemic of diabetes. With over 1.4 million members around the world, we can make an impact by helping to increase public awareness, screening for diabetes, and providing one-on-one peer counseling to young people, in addition to working with partner organizations.”
IDF President Prof. Nam H. Cho said: “Diabetes is fast becoming a global health emergency. Without concerted action to slow down the advance of this serious and debilitating disease, diabetes will overwhelm healthcare budgets everywhere. This is a timely and welcome partnership. Lions Clubs International is a dynamic movement with a vast and influential network. It has an impressive track record in bringing about positive change and health improvement. Our organizations are ideally placed to collaborate and make a difference for the many millions now living with diabetes and all those at risk.”
LCI is the world’s largest service club organization, with 48,000 clubs and over 1.4 million members serving in 200 countries or geographic areas.
IDF is a leading authoritative global voice for the 425 million people living with diabetes and those at risk of diabetes.
The signing of the memorandum of understanding will be live-streamed on Saturday, 24 March at