Bala Falls fans call for Ford support

BALA — With the latest polls predicting a Tory majority, a lot of people are wondering what that means if Doug Ford becomes premier June 7 and his PC Party becomes the government.

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford is no fan of the Bala Falls hydro project.
A lot of folks in Bala are keeping a close eye, after Ford said earlier this month he’s opposed to the Bala Falls hydro project — already under construction.
If he wins, could he stop it mid-stream?
The Save the Bala Falls group believe he can.
And they are urging voters to support him by re-electing MPP Norm Miller.
The group’s latest newsletter makes it clear.
“Doug Ford has visited Bala to support us, it is now time for us to support Doug Ford.”
It says: “We have learned that the proposed project to build a hydro-electric generating station at the Bala falls is all about politics and not about what makes sense for Ontario, for example:
“Our article here shows that proposed renewable energy projects in Liberal ridings get cancelled, but those in PC ridings don’t.
“The environmental assessment process has been a farce, and after two months of waiting and after reminder e-mails, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has still not responded to our letter noting that unsuspecting tourists would be “Murdered in 45 Seconds” (more detail in our article here).
“As noted here, Doug Ford visited Bala on February 27, 2018 and stated if elected Premier, the proposed Bala project would be stopped. This doesn’t even have to cost Ontario, as all we need is for the MOECC to fulfill its mandate and protect human life by requiring the proponent to honour the commitments they made for their environmental assessment.
“Last we checked: It is still wrong to drown unsuspecting tourists (the proponent could not adequately warn the public of the extreme dangers their proposed project would create, and the proponent refuses to show how they would even attempt to provide such warning).
“We still live in a democracy and it is time to use the power of our votes.
It is time to get political, and let the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario know that if they’ll keep this commitment to stop the proposed Bala project, we’ll vote for them.”