See Skokie drop puck, get half-price Shield tickets

GRAVENHURST — Skokie’s lookin’ hot right now.

Gravenhurst Winter Carnival Feb. 15-19

Gravenhurst Winter Carnival otter ought be in Rio or New Orleans for carnivales.

Instead, the loveable orange mascot will be at centre ice Friday night with a hot deal in his paws.

The Gravenhurst Winter Carnival is teaming up with the South Muskoka Shield Hockey Club February 9, at 8:30 p.m. at the Graeme Murray Arena to help promote this year’s weekend winter fest Feb. 15-19.

Skokie will drop the puck.

By coming out to the game with your 2018 Winter Carnival events button, you’ll be able to purchase tickets to the Shield’s Carnival game February 16 at half price.

Buttons will be on sale at the arena in case you haven’t already purchased yours!

“We’re proud to call Gravenhurst home and want to help the Carnival be successful, so why not offer a deal on tickets and encourage people to come out to the carnival and support our team,” said Frank Demasi, head coach and General Manager of the South Muskoka Shield.

“We are happy to partner with the Shield and celebrate the coming of Carnival with this team of energetic future stars,” said Rob Abbott, chair of the Winter Carnival committee.

You can purchase your Gravenhurst Winter Carnival buttons during the game or at participating merchants throughout Gravenhurst for just $5 adults and $3 children.

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