@26: ‘Subscribe & Support’ Local Journalism

MUSKOKA – Dear readers: We’re celebrating.

In 1994 Mark and Hugh Clairmont launched a new era of Local Journalism in Muskoka that continues to 2020.

Our 26th anniversary.

MuskokaTODAY set the tone for “Alternative News” that has since be copied but never equalled.

Over the two decades and a half we’ve grown with the help of writers, photographers – and of course you, our readers.

Today in 2019 we’re still going with the same website we’ve had since the beginning, MuskokaTODAY.com

Our last hard copy was in 2010.

Throughout this year we will be dipping into our archives to retell some of our great Local Journalism sine 1994.

And while the news has become more of a business than ever, we’re forced to change with the times.

And we don’t mind – we’ve always been a local news trendsetter.

We’ve always appreciated our readers who have bought single copies, subscriptions and read online for free.

We’d like to invite you to continue joining us in our journey into local journalism by renewing your annual subscription.

For only $25 per year we will send you a link to each of our stories.

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Yours in Local Journalism.

Mark Clairmont



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